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The 750 members of WAAAR are physicians, hospital managers, scientific researchers, hygiene nurses, patients and patient organizations, economists and concerned persons, from over 55 countries. In June 2014, the WAAAR initiated the Paris Declaration which enlisted the support of over 100 persons and, up to 145 societies or institutes. 

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WAAAR is among the largest networks, along with REACT or APUA, of people actively working to make the world safe for human beings in the “post-antibiotic era”, a partner of the World Sepsis Day and a collaborator of COMBACT.


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Dr Jean Carlet, Trained in internal medicine, was head of the ICU in Hospital St Joseph in Paris for 25 years and has published in medical journals on the issue of antibiotic resistance for over 30 years. ACdeBMR WAAAR initially gained international recognition with the launch of the Paris Declaration. In 2015 he was nominated by France’s minister of health as the president of a Special Task Force for Antibiotic Preservation to elaborate the national plan on AMR. Dr Carlet is a leading steering committee member of several coalitions to combat AMR, such as the CDDEP’s CARA Coalition : The Conscience of Antimicrobial Resistance Accountabiliy. In November of 2017, he initiated the launch of ANTARTICA, The ANTimicrobiAl Resistance CriTIcal Care, a new coalition on scepsis, to achieve the WHO target, along with like minded specialist physicians in critical care. Along with WAAAR’s Vice-President Garance F Upham, Dr Carlet is Editor-in-Chief of the leading AMR publication for investors and decision makers : AMR Control, in collaboration with London publisher Global Health Dynamics.

Jean Carlet

President and Founder of ACdeBMR / WAAAR

Vincent JARLIER, M.D. PhD and PU-PH at the Faculty of Medicine, Sorbonne University, is a long-time member of ACdeBMR and its Vice-President today. He was head of the hospital bacteriology-hygiene department at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital and a researcher for many years, notably on antibiotic resistance and nosocomial infections, especially on the prevention of transmission of multi-resistant bacteria in healthcare. He is a member of the organising team of EARS-net (European Antibiotic Resistance Surveillance System), of the organising team of EUCIC (European Committee on Infection Control). He was for several years Vice-President of the National Technical Committee on Nosocomial Infections (CTIN) at the Ministry of Health, and is Delegate for Nosocomial Infections at the "Direction de l'Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris". He has been in charge of the BMR-Raisin national program to monitor multi-drug resistant bacteria in French hospitals for about ten years. In 1997, he was one of the founders of ONERBA, the National Observatory on Antibiotic Resistance, of which he was in charge of the scientific council. Professor Jarlier is author and co-author of more than 300 international publications.

Vincent Jarlier

President Elect

Jean-Pierre HERMET is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of EUROBIO Scientific, a leading French manufacturer of in vitro diagnostics, with more than 60 Million Euros in sales and listed on Euronext. Since 2015, he is member of the Strategic Committee of NOVOLYZE, a food safety company. Since 2016, he has coached more than 30 laureates from Finland to Israel in the Horizon 2020 program of the European agency EASME.

In 1999, he founded Hemosystem which developed a method for the rapid detection of bacteria in blood and blood products.

He is also the author of several studies on Medical Biology published by "Les Echos Etudes".

Jean-Pierre Hermet

Secretary-General and Former Treasurer of ACdeBMR/WAAAR

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