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Submitted by admin on 9 March 2018

Dr Vincent Jarlier, MD, is a long standing member of ACdeBMR/WAAAR and today its Vice-President. He has many years as a researcher and practitioner in France and the USA, notably on antibiotic resistance, hospital acquired infections with a focus on preventing the transmission of AMR infections in health care. He is a Member of the Management of the European System for the Surveillance of Antibiotics, (EARS-Net, ECDC), of the Advisory board of the European Committee on Infection Control (EUCIC), of the European Society (ESCMID), and a leader in the French National Committee on Nosocomial Infections, as well as the Delegate for Hospital Acquired Infections for the national health system, and in charge of the BMR_Raisin program for surveillance of AMR infections. He is a founder of the ONERBA, the National Observatory on Antibiotic Resistance.
Dr Jarlier has been author and co-author to over 350 publications.

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